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Intouch Dentistry offers a huge range of dental services. The following 4 sections are those we specialize in.

We invite you to explore these “signature” treatment categories – you can hear a personal message by Dr. Mendoza and Nils Sens on each topic. A button in each section brings you to a dedicated contact form where you can ask us questions😊

modern dental implants

Safe & sound dental implants.

At first, a screw in the jaw seems like a crazy idea – here’s why this is actually the best idea:

a model of a dental implant

Close that gap before it closes on you!

a few words of caution on untreated gaps

fast, safe procedures

Placing a screw into bone is something many people find scary.

However, after patients had an implant done, they’re usually surprised by how ‘kind of normal’ it feels. After a while, you forget about it and you think it’s a natural tooth.

Also, your gums close around the top part, and the only thing that’s visible is the dental crown on top.

Plus, your gums are the fastest-healing tissue in the body.

With the tooth already missing, the tooth nerve is already gone with it, so you have much less sensation there – the site can easily be numbed with local anesthetic.

Dr. Mendoza prioritizes minimally-invasive procedures for even faster healing and nicer procedures.

careful planning

Implants must be planned meticulously, though!

With 3D-X-Rays and computer simulation we will find the best and safest screw position, even before treatment.

Or (even greater value), warn you if your jaw currently cannot accommodate an implant. Basically, we always require three-dimensional (CT) images before planning. In one way or another, you’ll greatly benefit from the scan.

Insertion can then be done with a “drill guide” to accurately transfer the planned implant position to your jaw. This also shortens treatment time.

Advanced orthodontics.

Dr. Mendoza is an experienced orthodontist who is up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

touch™ – a new clear aligner

Braces aren’t the only way to straighten your teeth.

“Clear aligners” are a modern alternative to metal brackets.

They’re custom-made, clear plastic trays worn on your teeth.

a clear aligner for mild orthodontic treatment without braces

Clear aligner orthodontics

How do clear aligners work?

A model with a clear aligner by the brand touch

Introducing touch™ !

What’s the idea behind our own aligner system?

more information

how does touch compare with conventional braces?

metal brackets / braces clear aligners
😖 discomfort (esp. in the beginning)😁 more comfortable to wear
😐 you’ll get used to it because you have no choice🔑 compliance is key!
🦠 food gets caught under brackets😁 you remove them during meals
😖 gum inflammation if not cleaned well😁 regular toothbrushing is possible
⏱️ faster treatment than aligners⏳ longer treatment duration
😁 complex cases easier to treat🤔 complex cases not recommended
😴 patient plays a passive role⏱️ pace of treatment is in your hands!
🤐 speech can be difficult😁 aligners can be removed during events

But whenever your condition requires conventional braces, you want to make sure it’s done right.

Intouch Dentistry is the place in Metro Manila where you can be sure to get quality brackets, too. Dr. Mendoza has more than ten years of experience with the German (Forestadent) bracket systems.

But regardless of which system, it’s always best to start the right way:

Carrière MOTION™ appliance

Since 2015, Dr. Mendoza uses this little bracket before almost every single ortho treatment.

Re-positioning your molar teeth before anything else, can be the smartest way to start tooth movement.

After MOTION™, a small gap is left between incisors and canines.

This gap makes repositioning your front teeth a lot easier and faster.

Also, your treatment will be more comfortable because not all teeth are moved at the same time.

Starting the right way.

Tooth movement is about space.

MOTION™ – treatment mechanics

Why move molar teeth first?

With the inventor, Dr. Luis Carrière, in Barcelona.

modern dental implants

Beautiful crown and bridge work.

Whether you’re getting a filling, a crown, a bridge, or an inlay – the goal of esthetic dentistry is to create replacements that look and feel like real teeth.

This sounds simple, but esthetic dentistry is a complex endeavour.

Dr. Mendoza works with the latest tooth-colored materials incl. ceramics and composites. This needs constant updating of skills and knowledge.

Zirkonia, E.max

3 reasons why you should love ceramics

She has trained at the Philippine Association for Esthetic Dentistry (PAED) and travels around the world to attend workshops (see the dentist).

modern dental implants

Cosmetic dentistry – whiter, well-shaped teeth.

Oftentimes, we have guests who aren’t totally happy with their smile. Maybe you would like to close a little gap, or even completely reshape your front teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is both a craft and an art form.

However, in everyday (even esthetic) dentistry, outcomes are mostly created by the dentist. This is different for cosmetic make-overs.

Communication & Visualization

Cosmetic treatment really starts with the patient’s goals and beauty ideals. The dentist then tries to execute what the patient is aiming for. Roles are almost reversed!

Thus, communication & visualization are the key parts of successful cosmetic make-overs.

When you send a picture to the contact form below, you’ll get your first (free) smile analysis!

cosmetic makeovers

Designing porcelain veneers – a passion for beautiful smiles.

How cosmetic / VIP dentistry has influenced my everyday practice.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth shade is another common concern.

Certain foods and drinks can leave your teeth discolored. After a while, you might want that shiny & youthful, lighter tooth shade back.

There are different ways to whiten teeth, and Dr. Mendoza is a competent user of the light-activated ZOOM system (incl. safety protocols).

However, the ‘ethically correct’ way is to start with a professional ultrasonic clearning – in some cases this already improves the shade of your teeth

This is required before ZOOM anyhow, so it’s that ‘checkpoint’ for you where you can still decide whether or not to ‘go full ZOOM’.

Years of coffee drinking or smoking on the other hand, usually call for ZOOM to reverse.

Teeth whitening in a golf bag 😜

How we introduced Zoom WhiteSpeed™ in Manila

The goal is almost always some kind of “dazzling smile”.

But the thing is, no two people are the same. To find the perfect result for you, we need to work together, exchange ideas and sketch out previews – together.

The most important thing is that Dr. Mendoza listens to your concerns without judgment, and after trying to understand where you’re coming from, makes Photoshop previews that you can also draw on.

Cosmetic dentistry is a shared experience, and only by taking that extra time we can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

modern dental implants