Straight Teeth with a Filipino High-Tech Product.

A pair of touch clear aligners

Intouch Dentistry has the aligner for everyone!

After a long time of planning and preparations, we can proudly intoduce an alternative to braces: clear aligners, scanned, planned, printed and produced locally (yayyyy!)

What’s the idea behind our own aligner system?

How does it work?

Clear aligners are like braces without braces.

An advanced version of that transparent plastic thing you’d wear at the end of your ortho treatment is the only thing you’ll be wearing.

They work by using flexible plastic to push against your teeth. To the layperson, it seems a bit like magic: First, your teeth will be scanned. This gives us a complete 3D model that we can work with on the computer.

We can then even select individual teeth and „move them around“, on screen. That means, we can already put your teeth in the perfect place before the start of treatment.

Once this „target“ has been found, the computer calculates the in-between steps, from your current teeth (now) to your desired outcome (target).

The entire process of aligner production
The entire workflow from scanning to finsihed product – all done in my office!

Transparent plastic trays („aligners“) that fit your teeth can then be made, based on these steps.

A single aligner only has limited pushing force so you need a number of them (step-by-step) to move teeth over a longer distance (millimeters) or to rotate them by a few degrees.

Speaking of rotation, if needed, little composite „buttons“ the aligners can hold onto can be glued to your teeth.

Aren’t aligners crazy expensive?

Despite the big investments needed, we decided to push the move to 3D-technology.

Dr. Mendoza’s vision is to make aligners accessible to regular patients who would currently be getting braces.

In-house production allows us to produce the next step while your teeth move. This means, we can accept monthly payments.

For the dentist, working in front of the computer is more convenient than constantly bending over, manipulating brackets and wires.

For you, this is less time spent in semi-lock-jaw mode, and shorter visits (your time is valuable).

We hope you’re also excited about being able to remove your aligners during meals and for regular oral hygiene, while not having to spend a fortune!

Made in the Philippines – any good?

Absolutely. Touch is a digital dentistry „flagship product“ we can be proud of. The all-local workflow allows us to be more responsive than international brands. Switching to and from braces is even possible without massive extra costs!

Aligners are very safe: the possibility for mistakes is limited as you compute all treatment steps starting from the target. Some of the complexities and unpredictable aspects of braces simply don’t apply.

Unlike with braces, it is easy to get expert opinions on difficult 3D-scanned aligner cases.

It takes advanced technology to make clear aligners. Actually, 3D scanning and 3D printing are current, cutting-edge manufacturing methods.

Our 3D printer lays down the first layer of the object.
Our 3D printer laying down the first layer of the objects (outlines)

3D technology can revolutionize not only dentistry but other industries in the Philippines, as well. It is one of the key factors to bridge a technology gap. Once we can scan, we can also ship 3D models around the world to collaborate with others experts, remotely.

Once we can manipulate 3D models on screen (software required), we can provide case planning for international clients. A generation of jobs can be created based on these digital tools, in different industries!

For the patient, comfort and user experience highly depend on how well these little transparent plastic trays are cut and polished. That’s why we decided to do all production in-house. ##photo##

Local high-tech production means shorter waiting times as nothing needs to be shipped across the planet. Among all systems, touch can logically have the fastest „time to patient teeth“.

Touch aligners are a premium dental product / service, achieved locally, and we are excited about it!

Planned, designed, printed & produced in Quezon City, Philippines!